I know we’ve all had the misfortune of hitting our big toe against a bedpost. Talk about agonizing pain! Our first instinct is to grab your foot and hold your toe hoping it will stop hurting. And, it does, but only for a minute.

However, a few weeks go by and you are being extra careful. You’re watching every step to avoid hitting your toe again. At this point, you have stopped nursing and tending to your toe because it looks and feels so much better. Unfortunately, you are unaware of the damage done on the inside because all external indicators reveal it’s fine.

As you move about with confidence you’re certain that you won’t hit your toe again. The pain of the former incident is a thing of the past. But, before you know it, you’ve done it again! OUCH!!

Isn’t that just like life, we’re going about minding our business and we continue to hit the same dilemma over and over? Especially, when we are trying to be extra careful as to avoid it altogether.

There are indicators such as red flags and visual warnings heeding us to avoid such danger. And, let’s not forget that quiet still voice telling us to face or deal with a specific thing. But, because we do not know the damage that has been done on the inside, we continue to walk in the path of the thing which is hurting us.

It’s time you and I move on! We must begin to take responsibility for our pain. We must be honest in our assessment of how we feel. How are we going to heal if we continue to repeatedly hit the same spot over and over again?

God is showing ME, and I am allowing Him to expose any area that I continue to (sub)consciously avoid because I do not want to relive the pain associated with buried memories. Lastly, I want Him to show me

why I keep deliberately hitting (running to) people or things that cause me pain and harm.

Lord, help us to be all that you have purposed for our lives. May our honest desire to heal be so strong on the inside, that it radiates and captivates others to be likewise. Lord, I want to be made whole!

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