We are living in a society when any and everything is being revealed about matters that were once taboo. Daily we hear or read about lives being openly exposed by what someone did in secret.

To live through any form of sexual trauma is devastating to say the least. There is shame, embarrassment, guilt, anger, and much more.

The truth is when one is violated, it is not a prison sentence. It does not mean you are trash nor that you have no worth. You can heal!

A broken spirit has the power to spring forth inner beauty and strength like none other. It’s when you’ve suffered deeply that you realize there is purpose in your life.

Wow! Do you realize the world has given us a platform to tell our stories without shame or embarrassment? We don’t have to hide behind our makeup during the day and wipe away tears at night.

God says I am your Healer! Stop hiding from me. Your repair and healing are never intended to hurt or break you. Bring your broken pieces to me. I am near to the brokenhearted. The process through your healing can be painful. However, my grace (enabling ability) is sufficient to help you through the process. Every scar I see! Every teardrop I feel! Any type of injustice breaks my heart! I am here to guide and direct you to complete wholeness. You can and will recover. You will receive beauty for your tears.

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