the night shift from 1 1 pm to 7 am at St. Peters Medical Center. On this particular weekend, my trip from Edison to New Brunswick was quite a challenge. The night fog was so thick and dense that I could hardly see what lie ahead of me.

As I drove slowly, I began to look directly into the light and used the right edge of the road as a guide. As I fixed my eyes on the light, my path became much clearer.

My sister’s, we are living in challenging and uncertain times. That being said, there is uncertainty about the future; personal goals, business endeavors, and many other things.

The fog can represent anything that would hinder us from going forward. Anything that can cloud or blur our vision. On that night, I could have turned around and gone back home or sought to take another route. However, I chose to drive ahead and remain on the path knowing if I continued to follow the light I would arrive at my appointed destination.

Beloved, know that God already knows what lies ahead for us. Yes, it may get foggy, murky, and vague because of our past history. Staying in the light of God’s path will equip and prepare us to go, even when we want to turn around.

When we keep our eyes focused, we learn to trust Him and His way. We become strong, confident, and hopeful as we endure.

Psalm 141 :8 says,

But my eyes are upon You, O GOD the Lord;

In You I take refuge;

Do not leave my soul destitute.


Holy Father, so many times we allow fear, circumstances, and people to stop us from

going forward. We pray that our eyes are open to see how you see things. We pray for clarity of direction and instruction. What lies ahead for us is a bright promising and purposeful future. We are beautiful, kind, intelligent, bold, and courageous. We are a force to be reckoned with. We are not our past! We are not victims, but survivors; a strong sisterhood that is powerful and vital in the earth. In Jesus Name!

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