Constance Kearse

Board Advisor / Blog Writer

Constance is a Woman of Faith and a Licensed Minister in the Baptist Church. She has served in the community as a volunteer to clothe and feed those in need. She has taught various Biblical courses; a leader and facilitator of Women’s Ministry and Bible Study. Her overall experience in academics includes Student Coordinator and Residency Program Assistant.

Constance's passion for the work of Healing Waters Global is due to her love and passion to help improve the lives of women and girl survivors of sexual terrorism. As a survivor of sexual terrorism, she is able to connect with the experiences of other survivors. She is also a blogger on our HWG website, and God to the Rescue

Shed Those Tears!

We are living in a society when any and everything is being revealed about matters that were once taboo. Daily …

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What Lies AHead

the night shift from 1 1 pm to 7 am at St. Peters Medical Center. On this particular weekend, my …

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What Lies Beneath!

As I grow older, I’ve become more cognizant about my surroundings, people, health, and over all well-being. For me, the …

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Oh No Not Again

I know we’ve all had the misfortune of hitting our big toe against a bedpost. Talk about agonizing pain! Our …

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Put on your Big Girl Panties On

When you were younger, did you say or think “l can’t wait until I am grown”. We had no clue …

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Apology NOT Needed

“You don’t need to hear the apology before you decide to heal.” Heal as you’ve heard it! The closure is …

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